This is nothing like it was in my room, in my best clothes


Happy November (tomorrow). I don’t know how I missed yesterday, considering I spent hours daydreaming in a coffee shop pretending to work. The Chocolati on Greenwood is across from a karate studio and yesterday the kids were in costumes and practicing with nunchucks and it was THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!

*Ovaries crying a little*

How’s Europe? Are you finding joy in your new experiences? Seattle is well, Seattling right now. A little wet in the morning and nights, almost sunny for an hour here or there. I can dig it. I’ve decided to enact #BudgetNovemberWhile I did my best to get out of the house in October, I neglected to really watch my finances. I never live beyond my means but I definitely took more ubers than I should have. I’m going to try and be more mindful of eating the food I have and not letting produce go bad. I suppose I should try and purchase anything that doesn’t fit into my #BudgetNovember today (I’m looking at you, super-soft 90$ sweater and 20$ ream of cardstock).

I picked up a design job from my last full-time employment- need to start it today but obviously not before I write you this letter. Did I ever tell you about Joy. (Ok, I know I didn’t because of our whole situation). So, when I decided to move to Seattle I combed Craigslist for any possible apartment to land in. I was moving out here with no job and 2 cats, and since it was holiday season there was no way I could afford last minute plane tickets. I eventually resigned to myself that I was going to have to spend more money on myself than I had ever allowed before. I found this amazing sublet at the top of Queen Anne- it was a cute, 2 bedroom house that was available for three months (and the cats were allowed!) while the owner, a little old 80+ year old woman went to Mexico for the winter.

It took some finagling. I had participated in this art show earlier that year and one of the artists in the show had moved back to Seattle. I had only met her 2 times, but I reached out via FB to see if I could mail her a check and have her get a receipt. I mean, I have faith in people but I’m smarter than mailing a $3500 check to a stranger. But it all worked out and I got the sublet. (I still owe someone the ultimate pay-it-forward for that kindness that artist showed me). Joy is the name of the woman who’s house I rented. It was absolutely perfect. Moved out to Seattle with 3 suitcases (one of which was full of my plants), a backpack and a carrier holding 2 cats. I was quite the spectacle, as I had on at least 2 sweaters and everything that didn’t quite fit in my suitcases.

When I got to her house she hugged me, and we drank champagne and ate a pizza. Best welcoming ever. I was in bed by 8pm and slept for 12 hours. When I woke up she had left for Mexico. I am bringing her up because today I finally called her about my security deposit… She claims it’s going in the mail today. We’ll see.

Life is in a weird spot right now. The freelance is going ok, but I am a little stressed at how unreliable it is. I have been getting some good feedback from jobs I’ve applied to, so hopefully the resume is doing the trick. I need to figure out a fall/winter exercise. I am having a lot of trouble getting out on runs and truth be told, I think my body needs a little break. Perhaps it’s time to find a hot yoga or something. Or maybe karate with the little kids? Would that be creepy? I also had the thought that perhaps I should find somewhere cheaper to live… This house is the first nice place I’ve really lived in and I love our neighborhood, but each month my money physically makes the *POOF* sound each time I write a check. I want to make Seattle work, but, ouch. I love my roommate though. What a kind and wonderful human. Also, our last move was a bit stressful and I’m not sure if we are ready to do it again.


The moral of the story is, we all need a little joy in our lives. Sometimes that comes in the form of experiences, or family. Sometimes it’s pets or a favorite sweater. Hopefully it’s lots of moments we get to share with another human. I want to remember to acknowledge the joy that is present in my life, every day. Even in #BudgetNovember. If you are lucky, you meet Joy right as you are starting your big adventure, and she is disguised as a little lady who feeds you pizza and champagne.




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