When all is quiet and on your own

Mr. Mags,

How’s it going now? This is like, three weekends I’ve managed to not write you on Sunday… Sorry about that. I just didn’t feel like looking at my computer yesterday. Sometimes your soul needs a little break.

I have a pretty heavy week coming up. I have interviews Tuesday and Wednesday, and I’m putting on an event on Thursday. Also, I’m apparently also now on a board for an organization that helps to bring healthcare to the homeless. I don’t really know much about it except a friend asked if I wanted to be the Secretary and I replied, “Sure, I know how to take minutes like a boss.”

Truth be told I’m pretty nervous for these interviews. I have been trying to think of how to thoughtfully answer all the questions they are bound to ask me. I think the hardest one, ironically will be the “tell me about yourself” question. I just don’t know where to start or even worse, where to stop. I think it’s important to be true to myself but that’s challenging when you are trying to present your best face to a group of people (and right now my best face is breaking out worse than it did when I was a teenager). I think my story of how I moved out here is pretty cool, but is that who I am? Do I tell people about moving out here with 2 cats in one carrier and a suitcase full of plants? Do I mention I had no job and no friends and just took an incredible leap of faith? Does that make me look too risky? How am I in my 30s and still trying to figure so much out? Blerg!

Our event has nearly 200 people signed up(!), but since it is a free event it is likely that only half will show up. With that said, I get to speak in front of another group. Quite frankly, I tend to black out if I speak to a group of more than six people but goshdarnit I’m going to keep tackling these little public speaking opportunities.(Future Ted talk here I come- this one’s for you!). For the event, my real success will be be measured if I can get about half the people to follow us on Twitter- I think we are up to about 90 people at this point. It would be sweet to get up to 150. Goals!

This is the first set of holidays I am missing out on hanging with my family. I’ve missed Thanksgiving before but never Christmas. I’m a little bummed but what can you do. My friend Jenelle is from West Seattle and her mom wants to have the friend group over so we are going to go. I am actually pretty excited for a few reasons. The first- I have no idea what to expect when you meet people’s parents. Nine out of 10 times they are nothing like what you picture in your head. The second- I am thankful to have such a solid group of friends. Fifth wheel or not, it’s cool to be a part of something.

Ooh, I have this theory I’m working on. Have you ever noticed that when you are out running you won’t see any one for miles but then the moment you encounter someone running towards you there are also other obstacles? For example- you are running around Green Lake on the outer path, and you are all alone but the moment someone else is running in the opposite circulation as you and your paths are destined to meet there also happens to be a couple with a dog in the middle of the path. And a light pole or a tree. It’s like the universe wants to force us all together for an instant. Think about this though. Nearly every time I encounter someone while running there are also other people and objects and it’s like some force is drawing us all into a space at the same time in the same place. Do you think that the universe is trying to tell us something? Proximity of gravity theory. (Ok, help me name this one!). Like a Honda Element, now that I’ve pointed this out to you you will see it each time and it will be everywhere. The Element Theorem.

Ok Magellan, gotta get writing and preparing. Need to squeeze in a run and maybe test out my theory. Wish me luck! This week is gonna be a doozy, but hopefully a good one. I’m up for the challenge.




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