I need a sign or a signal, I’ve overthought everything I can think of


Hi. How was your Thanksgiving? I had my first Seattle Thanksgiving. My friend Jenelle’s parents hosted us and it was pretty nice. They have a wonderful little home in West Seattle. At some point Jenelle decided to give me dating advice regarding a friend I may or may not be interested it… She said “Touch their leg and make sexy eye contact.” I’m giggling out loud thinking of that conversation.

Oh, I have another embarrassing tidbit. Last Wednesday, my roommate was determined to do a little pre Black Friday shopping, so after a work happy hour she frantically hit all the stores downtown. Basically, that means with a two-beer buzz she managed to purchase 5 PAIRS OF NEARLY THE SAME SWEATPANTS. I’m not even kidding. I wish I was. To help her out, I purchased one pair off her with the cash I had in my wallet and I have to tell you, she is on to something! Now, these are total hipster/skinny leg lux sweatpants, but I’m telling you. They are. The. Shit. Today, since I haven’t done any of the work that pays me in almost a week I let myself wear them IN PUBLIC TO THE COFFEE SHOP. WHY AM I SINGLE??? (Sweatpants in public, two cats, other weird personality quirks- that’s why). My favorite baristas were working today and they asked how my day was going and I retorted with “Well, I managed to leave the house but not in proper pants,” and they chuckled and then I asked “How are you?” and the one replied “Jealous of your sweet pants.” Swoon. I can’t even make this stuff up.

Roomz and I had a fun morning on Thanksgiving morning. (This is before she revealed that she had purchased 5 of the same sweatpants). We both had gone out on dates the previous night and were in silly spirits. I made coffee that was entirely too strong and made our hearts race, but she managed to pull off some delicious pumpkin pancakes and we opened one of our Asian pearsauces that we made over the summer when we had the pear-splosion out back. (Seriously, pears for days). I love this human that I get to live with. We found a Christmas tree in our attic and brought it down and set it up. The stand was missing, so I think we were gonna rig something out of a coffee can but then we found an old deck umbrella holder outside and lugged it in. It works perfectly! The tree, however did not. It was one of those pre-lit ones, and the top portion doesn’t light up even though we replaced the fuses and checked every individual light. I, being clever grabbed some of the lights from the mantle and wrapped it around the top. It wasn’t perfect and is pretty much a cat-death trap but hey, it’s cute.

Instead of Black Friday the friend-gang decided to #OptOutside. We went and hiked up Little Si. My friends are dog sitting, so there were 5 of us and 3 dogs. It was an enjoyable time, as much as I think that hiking is just a lot of walking around in the woods. We have decided that the Rogue brewery (Issaquah Brewhouse) in Issaquah is our new favorite place to stop so now we’ve stopped there two weekends in a row and will probably be back next weekend. They have this chocotopolus hazelnut stout goodness that I could definitely drink at least once a week. Then we went and sat in one of the dog’s owner’s house’s hot tubs so all and all, a pretty good day.

I’m a little freaked out at the moment. It appears the bulk of my freelance lists have reached their ends and it’s likely that until new year budgets are in place I won’t have a ton of work. I have about 10 hours a week of reoccurring social media work but it’s getting a little too snug for my liking. I’m still waiting on one of my job leads but who knows. That one is out of my hands now. HANDMADE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR EVERYONE. Who am I kidding, they were all going to get handmade presents anyways. But still, stressed the heck out. I kind of wish I would have tried harder to look for a seasonal gig. I know a lot of places aren’t going to look for new employees until after the holidays anyway… Eeek! At least I have the most amazing house outfit to wear. (No, I haven’t yet worn my house sweater in public. While I’ve nearly given up on meeting someone I do have a tiny, tiny shred of optimism left).

On a last note, I watched all of Gilmore Girls yesterday (the new special, not the whole series) and I identified with Rory just a little too much. Until her last confession. Not worried about that one. It’s hard to be an under-employed writer just trying to find yourself in the world! There was even the “30-something gang” which while I have never once moved home to my parents is a terrifyingly real possibility for me.

Alright. Back to work. Hope you are doing great! Prague looks super cool. I had some good runs this week, though nothing like those crazy miles you are putting in. I’ll keep you posted if I can figure out the job stuffs. I’ll also keep you posted if I can’t but just know- either way I’ll be wearing some sweet sweat pants (and doing that leg-touching sexy-eye contact).




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