But I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life

Hola Magellan,

What a difference a week makes, eh? I still don’t believe it but it appears I’ve managed to land the creative job of my dreams. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but aren’t those difficult things the ones that produce the most beautiful results? I’m counting this as part of my Christmas miracle.

I always thought I was a person who flew by the seat of their pants, but I think in fact I am a secretly organized planner who builds time into the itinerary for flexibility. My move to Seattle seemed to many, very spur of the moment and impulsive but it something I was working on for years. While I figured out where I wanted to go I researched, whittled down my possessions and weighed all the odds. When I found Seattle, it was a natural fit and though spreadsheets and calculations I completed a move here in less than a month.

Turns out, I plan other things too. When I quit my job in August, it wasn’t something I ventured lightly into. I had stopped spending excess money much earlier in the year. I had bulked up on extra freelance work. I waited until a time when it felt natural and I could as gracefully as possible make an exit. I wasn’t done working either. At least for the first few months I was handing in about 40 hours worth of work a week- at least. To my friends, it looked as if I was funemployed, but really I was just working around different hours of the day.

I went on a date a few weeks back, and the guy told me he didn’t want to be defined by what he did, implying his job was not his actual passion. Frankly, I’m not sure he had much depth anyway, but that admission really got me thinking. It turns out, I am a person who wants to be defined by what they do. Sure, work is only a part of it but if you are going to spend the better part of your life trying to make the money to pay for it shouldn’t you be doing something that gets you excited? Shouldn’t you work with or for people who inspire and challenge you? I’ll be the first to admit the things that have paid my rent and bills haven’t been filled with passion, but they were buying me the time to find and figure out what I wanted to do.

But anyways, now I’m a CAREER WOMAN. My friend Ashley just moved to Seattle from Chicago and our shared experiences and mutual acquaintances allow us to easily be friends. We both spent many, many years in the food/bev industry in Chicago and see Seattle as a chance to start again. We keep calling ourselves “career women.” It’s hard to leave the industry, especially when you have to take such a large pay cut but at some point you have to ask yourself “is this what makes me passionate?”

So Christmas miracles… I got the job (more of a Thanksgiving miracle, really). Roommate and I have watched a few super cheesy Christmas movies (complete with matching sweatpant-pjs and a cat in each of our laps). In these movies, the girl ALWAYS meets the perfect guy and then it snows. I think this is how she knows it’s clearly, a Christmas miracle. Maybe I should just plan on meeting the perfect person and then it will have to happen. I don’t think it works like that. I should just plan to be strong on my own with my “life partner for right now” roommate.

Perhaps I got the job on my own but do you think Santa delivers men? Yea, I don’t think so but it can’t hurt to ask! I’d like some help figuring out how to buy a car though… adventure awaits.





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