I don’t want to wait anymore I’m tired of looking for answers, take me some place where there’s music and there’s laughter


Getting to this a day early while I’m inspired. Or you know, having some feels. (Also, read this as bullet points from my week).

Have you ever thought about how the sky is like a mood ring for the earth. Sometimes its grey and melancholy. Sometimes it’s pink, yellow and blue with optimism. Sometimes it’s a nostalgic shade of purple, that reminds you of attempts to mix red and blue into a tertiary color. Sometimes it’s black with little specks of glitter signifying cold, pure excitement.

I’m so obsessed with how light reflects on water, especially in the early morning. Also, how the sky starts to gain light. I love that grey-turned-blue. And Larry, the cat that I named from the street in the window with the Christmas lights. I’ll have to snap him to you next time he’s in the window.

I was supposed to go on a date this week, but I got stood up. And I was actually relieved about that, so that has to say something. When I realized the dude wasn’t going to show I went and watched hockey and that was better than forced conversation on a date with a stranger. I think the peeps at the Angry Beav are starting to warm up to me and it’s about fucking time.

It was ladies’ night at the hardware store. It’s always one of my favorite events of the year. We (roomz and I) missed out on the swag bags this time (and also DID NOT win the raffle). It was fun, though. We had one of the employees corner us by the bee keeping stuff and explain how easy it is to host mason bees. As someone who is fairly allergic to bees, I don’t think I will be a candidate to have them (even though they allegedly don’t sting very often). It was interesting to learn about the process. Did you know that in the winter you can put them in a container in your fridge to hibernate? Crazy!

Other things have ended, for good this time and that is a relief. Also, I have a new polaroid pen pal, so we’ll see what he sends in reply. (Ahem, someone needs to send me a postcard, sir.).

My friends from the island drunken FaceTimed me this week and it was the exact thing that I needed. I know that this is the one I am supposed to be in, but so often I feel like I picked the wrong Washington. Time zone math, well it gets to you. I think we are going to try and plan a group vacation for July. (Ahem, San Juan islands or somewhere you might want to be…).

We’re exactly where we are supposed to be. (That’s some We Are Scientists). Not sure I believe that but I am sure as hell going to make the most of now. Here’s to now (that’s what my friend Tavio used to say). It’s an in-between time again, but I think that is ok.

Here’s to now indeed.

“Be it for reason, be it for love
I won’t take the easy road”




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