Now you’re all gone, got your make-up on and you’re not coming back


Missed Sunday. Yesterday was a strange day. I have a new friend and his brother-in-law was rolling through town looking for a female artist to interview so I offered myself and before I knew it I had a living room full of Japanese men with my polaroids strewn about.

This is the thing- it reminded me, I’m neat! I do cool shit. I connect with people. I make things.

Hot damn, this morning was glorious. I probably left closer to 6:30, but the sky was entirely like a painting for the duration of my run. In the beginning, it was that perfect lush shade of blue, with the faintest promise of a sun that was going to rise, and by the end it was a stop-in-your-tracks full out sunrise. Each cross street that I passed at the top of the ridge made me slow just enough to turn my head and take in the incredible view. Couldn’t see Rainier from my vantage, but I did see Mt. Baker in the distance.

On my way to work, bus crush was on the bus! Since I was running late, of course he was. Now I know which one it is (the 8:13 one). Like a creeper I sat across the isle from him and tried not to stare. I mean, in order to look at him required me to turn my head so I tried to peer slightly out of the corner of my eye… (#whyamisingle).

Oh, on the bus, where there was still the lovely sun going up there was a god-damned eagle! Just soaring over Lake Union on the Cascade side of the Aurora bridge. Naturally, the entire bus was too busy looking at their phones to see the fucking mountains (which were all out) and the eagle that was just floating around in concentric circles they way they just hover.

I have a problem. I am really good at making friends with unavailable men. Need to stop that. I have another Instagram pen pal. We’ll have to see who writes back first. Can you call it pen pals when no one responds? Letters to the void.

New Spoon came out, which is good. Music has been a bit wallow-y lately. Not sure I love the album yet but hopefully it’ll grow on me.

Hopefully buying the Subaru of my dreams by next weekend. Working with a dealer to get the one I want. 😀

I knew I was doomed to be alone when I said out loud “I want the Desert Khaki one, it’s like, my favorite color, the color of my cat’s eyes.” Eye roll emoji. If I’m gonna go it alone I’m gonna be a hell of a soloist.

What can you do?

Park that car, drop that phone. Dream about me.





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