It rained through the night. And you, take the fire escape


How’s it going? Last week was one of those doozy of a week, weeks. I thought cause boss #1 was out of town it might be easier but just kidding. I might have cried my eyes leaked at work because my boss #2 told me he wanted to track metrics and I had just spent a week designing a document to track everything we need. Ugh. Turns out, when you have 2 bosses that communicate to each other, and communicate to you but don’t communicate to you at the same time you get a lot of different ideas about how to do something… also I mean, I was hired to do a job that is basically 2 words smooshed together and have I mentioned that I’m also the marketing department. 

Anyways, I still love my job. Learning so much and I’m already becoming a better writer. Just struggling to understand what is expected out of me.

Our third Fuck Up Nights went ok. We had a good turnout. One of my former tinder dates came (for the second event in a row) and we had a really nice chat. He had a really kind thing he said. I was mentioning that I felt like I was starting at the beginning of my career, but after the event he came up to me and told me that I’m not starting at the beginning, I am bringing a whole slew of experiences to the table, ones that my company really needs and to not discount them because they are not the traditional experiences one would have. It was sweet. I’m perfectly ok with the fact that this man friend zoned me.

I am the one girl who gets friend zoned the most.

Hmm. Say that out loud.

I had a really beautiful moment on the bus earlier this week. I’ve gone on at length about how I want things like a partner and family, but I realized that if at some point I don’t find these things I will have the option of fostering kids. By the time my eggs dry up I should be at the point in my career where I can financially support other humans and perhaps it’ll be my calling to find a pair of siblings and give them a home.

I think my cat is about to die. She just isn’t the same. She has been extra quiet and I don’t think she’s eating and she seems lethargic. It’s breaking my heart a little. Little nugget has been in my life for 13 years. I know it seems like I favor the big orange one, but she’s my little lady. She knows when I’m sad. She talks to me when I use the bathroom. I hope it’s just something like a cold and she’ll get better because I’m not ready to lose my girl.

Hey Dark Eyes,
Rest with me a while as I drift closer to sleep
Still cannot
Still cannot find no peace

Ok, back to work. I have a presentation tomorrow and I am pretty stressed out about it.





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