Throw the sailors, overboard


I’m sure by the time you’re reading this it’ll already be closer to next week’s edition than the last. Sorry. A week ago I went to bed and haven’t woke up feeling the same since. Yesterday I called it, “A new kind of terrible each morning.”

What started off as the chills turned into aches, and nausea (which hasn’t quite gone away), to dripping mucous from every opening. 😀

Anyways, I’m nearly back to normal except for my super-sexy throaty nasal voice.

So I maybe filed my taxes? *insert shrug emoji*

How the heck is a girl ever supposed to get herself ahead. I am just not sure anymore.

Tonight for dinner I ate a sesame bagel with cream cheese (JUST LOOK AT ME ADULTING OVERHERR’).

Yep, just crushing it lately.

In short:

  1. I’ve been real sick. Yep yep, all the bad things happening to my bod.
  2.  Since I’ve been sick I’ve been mostly sleeping. Little to update on
  3.  I maybe filed my taxes. at 7:30 pm on deadline day via turbo tax.
  4. I will never ever make more money than I have to spend on making money

Wish I had a clue…

Going to sleep some more. Hopefully next week’s letter will be stronger. My brain is mush.




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