It seems strange how we used to wait for letters to arrive

Hey-o Magellan,

How’s it going? I have just enjoyed week one of my (under) paid sabbatical. WHO NEEDS TO WORK? Turns out when your company goes out of business EVERYONE gets laid off. It’s not the kindest thought, but it’s comforting to know it wasn’t just me.

Also, LOL, did you see my post about appearing in a magazine? Who even knows what it says since it’s in Japanese, but I dig the photos. I’m gonna be famous one day.

So, I’ve officially broken in the Subaru. As in, dinged kissed the bumper of a car with my car’s bumper in a Trader Joe’s parking lot. (Don’t worry, it’s just some surface scratches). Moral of the story, I can’t have nice things. Also, 2017- turning out to be quite a challenge year. Not sure that’s what I was hoping for but what does not kill you MAKES YOU STRONGER, AMIRIGHT?

Here’s a new truth bomb. I’m contemplating leaving Seattle. I mean, I can’t find my dream job, I can’t find my dream man and it’s so fucking expensive. Don’t tell anyone, but as I’m searching for my next job I’m applying in places like Denver and Kansas City and DC area. (Fingers crossed for KC). I want to love it here. It’s beautiful. People are progressive. But man, why you be so hard life? I just want to spend my days doing stuff I love and my nights snuggled next to someone I love. (No offense, Bon Jovi. I love your giant orange cat snuggles and sighs… just can’t help but want the “touch of a man” <- I’ve read like, 12 romance novels since my sabbatical began).

Ooh, here’s one. I went on a date last weekend. Actually 2 dates! With a dude I kinda liked. Except he’s ghosted me, I believe. At this point I am texting him scenarios of why he’s a dooshbag for not just telling me he’s not that into me. The best yet is “while on a random whale watching excursion to Alaska you were so mesmerized by a pod of orcas you slipped on the deck and cast your phone into the ocean.” #whyamisingle.

It’s mother’s day next weekend so call your mom!

I guess that’s it for now.

But what’s stranger still,
Is how something so small can keep you alive.




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