A state of being find so fleeting


Hey yah. Sorry I missed Sunday and also Monday.

I have had the most incredible past few days (since Thursday). Makes it real hard for a girl to decide whether she should stay or go.

On Thursday I went to Golden Gardens with a few friends. It’s always surprising how many people are not at work in the middle of the day. After we got our fix of vitamin D (I burned the backs of my knees, a fact I discovered when I took my first post-beach shower), we went and had tacos followed by gelato. Then I went to a rock show and met some of the most hilarious people I have found in Seattle. The band was not half-bad either (Moon Dial). All in all, I won Thursday.

Friday was nice too. Sat at Greenlake and watched people with a friend. Met up with another friend and had tacos again.

Saturday I rode passenger with a friend and we drove to the edge of the continent. Seriously, this state is so beautiful, I’m not sure if I can leave. The sky was so blue for the entire drive, but when we got to Cape Flattery there was a band of fog. We went to the edge and couldn’t see any further. It’s like the world is flat.

On the way back we caught the sunset over the Olympics from the ferry. Definitely not the worst.

On Sunday all the Memorial Day orphans who didn’t get to go camping met at Greenlake. It was a lovely day.

And on the fifth day, I rested.

I’m heading to Kansas City tomorrow. I’m hoping to find a little clarity as to what move to make.  I was feeling so alone until I made up my mind to leave and now I don’t know what to think.

Waiting on a feeling

How come life is what happens while you are busy making plans? Isn’t it funny? You try so hard to figure it out and learn as much as you can, but the more you are aware of you realize the less you know.

Too long a wire waiting on
It triggers when it wanna to
And how long you wanna wait it on
This feeling you’d never know or want
And out of line you were telling me
Things apparent that I could not see
Think about it we ain’t going back
This feeling you’d wanna wait




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